Baker’s twine craft idea

If you are starting to think about Christmas…handmade Christmas…then this post is for you!

Here’s a simple yet thoughtful gift idea for Christmas: Little Baker’s Twine Mushrooms. I love this little craft as a Christmas gift idea, because everyone loves baker’s twine and it’s a fun way to help your friends and family wrap up all their Christmas goodies (aka baked goods) with some cute baker’s twine. This gift would be great to give at the beginning of the holiday season.

To make these little wooden baker’s twine mushrooms, here’s what you’ll need:
– wooden bobbins
– domed wood button type pieces
– craft paint + paint brushes
– hot glue gun
– baker’s twine in a variety of colors (red,green and grey are fun for Christmas)

First you will hot glue the domed wood cap to the top of the wood bobbin to make it look ‘mushroom like’. Then you can start to paint the top of the domed wood cap.

Once the first color of paint has dried, you can use the tip of a wood dowel to add little white polka dots to make the cap look like a mushroom.

Let all the caps fully dry, and you are ready to add the baker’s twine.

Aren’t they cute all wrapped up?! :)

Wrap them up in a clear box to show off their cuteness and give them as a gift during the first week in December. Your family and friends will love them!

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