Avery’s bedroom update

Hi Friends!

I wanted to share a couple of fun updates we recently made to Avery’s bedroom. For the last year and a half, we have had bunk beds in her room. Did I say bunk beds? I mean ‘bonk heads’. We all had our good share of bonked heads on these bunk beds. Changing the sheets on a bunk bed might be my least favorite thing to do. Just last month I sold the bunk beds on KSL (our local CraigsList). Oh happy day! They are outta-here! I realize bunk beds are so great when you need to sleep a few people, but if you don’t…then why??

bonk heads - bunk beds - NoBiggie.net

So now we are back to the day bed. I love this old day bed of mine. We’ve had it for years. I love that we still have the ability to sleep one more if we need to, just without all the head bumping.

This bed frame was originally white with gold trim and now it’s black. I still have plans to paint the walls in this room a lighter color, but other than that, the room is pretty much good for now. Black, white and hot pink are the main colors. The gingham duvet cover and rug are from Ikea.

simple gingham bedding - NoBiggie.net

One of my favorite additions to the room are these gold frames. All found at the thrift store. The big one on the left is my favorite! You might remember the pedestal frames I shared last year. I made these just the same.

vintage inspired pedestal chalkboards - NoBiggie.net

Here they are up on the shelf.
simple girl's room decor - Nobiggie.net

On the shelf below, I have one of my favorite Rhonna Designs prints taped onto a flat decorative piece of metal that I found at the thrift store and sprayed hot pink. I used washi tape to tape it on the decorative metal piece to look like a frame.

simple shelf decor - NoBiggie.net

For the wall collage, we used the big black and white print (which is mounted) that we used for Avery’s 10th (golden birthday) photos. Along with a few other decorative frames and the big letter A.

girl's room wall collage - NoBiggie.net

I love that little caricature of her from Disneyland when she was 5. So sweet.
easy wall collage - NoBiggie.net

That’s it! Decorating a bedroom for a soon to be “tween” is a little tricky, but I think the addition of black and white really help it feel a little bit older.

I’d love to know, do you have any tips in making the decor in a bedroom feel older?

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    • says

      Hi Melanie!

      The poster is several collages that we made in photoshop and then combined them all together. We had them printed at Staples as a blue print (super cheap). This one on her wall is mounted on foam core board.


      • says

        Hey! I was reading this and had the same questions…
        Where did you find the photoshop template for it? And do you know what size it printed to? Like – did you just glue it on the foam board and then cut the foam board to size??

    • says

      Hi Katherine!

      The shelf is old. It used to be in my room when I was little. It would be pretty easy to recreate if you have someone who is good with wood.

  1. Britta says

    I love this room! My favorite part is the Alice picture. I hope you can tell me where I might be able to find one?

  2. Leah says

    I love these duvet covers! I don’t think Ikea has them anymore. Any chance you’d sell the one you’re not using anymore??

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