Afton’s Angels

One year ago today, our little Afton returned to heaven. So many emotions on this day.

Wanting to do something in her honor with the help of our families, we organized Afton’s Angels. We wanted to provide service in some way. We knew that something involving the NICU would be the perfect place to help.

As now a 2-time NICU mom with both of my girls (Avery and Afton), I know what an emotional experience it can be. No matter what your situation. As the mom, you forget to take care of yourself. Simple things like a small tissue pack and gum because your mouth is so dry from crying would have been so nice on certain days.

I have been in communication with the NICU parent support director at the Utah Valley NICU where both of my girls were, and they had a need for these little NICU Survival kits to encourage the parents to come to a quick class on making it through the NICU.

Yesterday I was able to deliver 100 NICU emotional survival kits to the NICU, hopefully the first of many. It was the first time I had been back to the 5th floor of the hospital since the day we said goodbye to our little Afton one year ago (today). Right when I got up to the fifth floor with the big boxes loaded up in a wheelchair. I couldn’t hold back the tears. Oye!

I knew I wanted to deliver them this week, but I didn’t think I would be so emotional. Thankfully both the gals who I have been working with completely understood.

If you have a friend who has a baby in the NICU, a kit like this would be a nice way to let them know you are thinking about them.

NICU Emotional Survival Kit:
– a pack or tissues
– a pack of gum
– a chapstick
– a snack (pretzels of cheez-its)
– a little notebook and a pencil

Sometimes it’s the little things like this that come in so handy, especially the little snack, because you forget to eat.

I hope that we can make this an ongoing thing. Sharing the love we have for our baby girl with many who may be in a similar situation.

My sweet friend April Kennedy sent over this great quote from my favorite talk during this last LDS General Conference. She had the darling Diana Smith of Livy Love Designs help design this pretty print.

I love it! I loved that talk and I love this beautiful reminder to be of good cheer because I know that we will be with our Afton again.

You too can download the printable PDF here. (thank you girls!)

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  1. Nicole B. says

    Love you Kami! They turned out so great, what a wonderful gift. You are such a brave, sweet person. You and Kyle are such an inspiration to me. Thinking and praying for all of you especially today.

  2. Susan's Style says

    Kami, I just saw this on Pinterest. The name Afton caught my attention. My son is named that(Aftahn). I love that name. I’m also a mother of an angel Anna-Olivia who’s twin Addecyn is living. We’ve had three preemies and I want to thank you for such a wonderful idea. Those long stay in a NICU can be overwhelming at times. How wonderful it must feel to be a recipient of your gift…. I pray your heart peace today.

  3. Tricia says

    Hi Kami
    Thank you so much for sharing this. Being a mom of 2 preemie babies, this definitely would have come in handy. You are such a strength and inspiration to us all. I pray the spirit will be with you and your family and bring you comfort this day. I know your sweet Afton is watching over you.

  4. says

    what a blessing you are to so many moms. As a NICU mom myself, I know how emotional those days were. Kami, I manufacture blankets and blankies with scriptures on them. They either say “For this child, I have prayed” , “Angels watching over me” or “bless this child” You can check them out on my website. I have many more of the blankies than the blankets ( I manufacture in china, and had to order many more blankies than blankets) Anyway, I’d love to donate some of the small blankies when you do the next round of NICU kits. I was just thinking today that I will run out of the blankets before the blankies and I will need to figure out what to do with them, (because I will change the style next time around) so this is one perfect way to donate them. Email me (I think my email shows up on your side) and I’ll be happy to send some…they come in pink and blue.

  5. says

    Those are great kits. Someone in my neighborhood lost her baby not too long ago and she’s asking us all to crochet tiny blankets and sew tiny diapers for the local hospital and other families. And I’ve been thinking of you as I make them!!

  6. says

    what a wonderful idea! My son (now 8 YO) spent 8 months in the NICU so even now, when I go back (I do some speaking engagements for them from time to time) I still get overwhelmed and very emotional. We had recd some donations from co-workers for food and things during that time and we took the money and bought $200 worth of fabric for our local Linus blanket makers-they were so tickled…and then my mom made 100 custom blankets (she’s a sew-er) for them….it is all appreciated and so thoughtful…making me think that a scrapbook crop to do some treat bags like this might be a great Spring project! Thanks for inspiring!

  7. Kristie says

    My son was in the NICU at UVRMC. They are so awesome over there! Thankfully we were only there for a week, and we found out we didn’t need to be there. But those are amazing people there. Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

  8. Lea says

    Love the printable, I’ve been looking for a sweet gift to give my sister who lost a baby a year ago. She lost a little boy and I wondered if I could contact the designer to see if she could change the color of the printable. I’m more than willing to pay for the print. I would love to send it to my sister framed. Do you think you could get me in touch with the gal who designed it for you?

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