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-After making the cutest cookies I have ever made in my life, I had a tough decision to make:

Do I:

A. Let my kids go to town and oink out? …burp.
B. Wrap them up cute to be sold for $10 a pop on our street. …cha-ching!
C. Wrap them up cute to be sent off to the President (or soon to be President) :)? #political.

Decisions are the worst! 😉 One thing I knew for sure is that they HAD to be wrapped up cute.

With something as cute as these cookies, I wanted them to shine. So the packaging needed to be simple: corrugated cardboard, cellophane bags and baker’s twine were perfect!

Inspired by Bridget’s adorable pumpkin pie cookies, we made a simple pumpkin pie card (and gift tags) to print out to go with them.

These cards would also be great for Thanksgiving day. You could use them as place setting cards at the Thanksgiving table.

You could personalize them by writing right on them. Here’s a couple different ways they would be fun as a greeting card.

Or here’s a smaller size to use as a gift tag.

It’s up to you how you cut them out. Here’s a few different ways that would be fun.

Add a little washi tape and voila! A “cutie – pie” gift! (pun intended)

Click here to download the free pumpkin pie printable. (please note our Conditions of Use with all free downloads)

ps. If you like this printable and download it, as always I’d love to hear from you in the comment section…it makes my day!

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  1. says

    Kami…I’m usually not up this late, but I popped on the computer after coming home from a class and saw your tweet. Oh my gosh! I’m in LOVE with these cards!!! LOVE. Seriously. Can you come over and package and make adorable cards for ALL of my cookies?!? And would it be ok to send to send these out for, like, EVERY holiday? Valentine’s Day, 4th of July?!? I’m not kidding. I love them. And you.

    • says

      Hi Victoria!

      I would try the packaging stores. I received a package with some used as a buffer for something fragile.

      I’m not really sure where to buy it though.

  2. Amy says

    Hi! I LOVE this printable, especially because I LOVE pumpkin pie! I would like to use these but for some reason the download link doesn’t work for me. Would you, pretty please :), be able to send this to my email? I would appreciate it so much!!!!!

  3. Wanda Gratton says

    Love this idea. Where did you buy the cookie cutter from? Would love to make these for a upcoming baje sale at our local fire dept.

    • says

      Hi Wanda! It’s actually from the Book: Decorating Cookies. You photo copy and cut out the template and just use a knife to make this pie shape.


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