A rotary phone on a Thrifty Thursday

While I’m still going through all the pictures I took at the Creative Connection for my recap post, I thought it would be fun to share some of my Thrift store finds as of late. I’ve got “the bug” again. :)

I found a rotary phone! …and it works too! It was fun to show the kids and tell them how this is the kind of phone I grew up using.
We spent 5 minutes dialing my mom – HA! It’s so crazy that this is how we use to dial phone numbers. It takes so long, that you almost forget the number you are calling while you dial it. :)

This black metal box with the pointy spiers. I immediately thought spooky Halloween when I saw it, and thought it would be fun for a Halloween party to hold some sort of treat bags. Doesn’t it have a spooky graveyard look to it?!

More milk glass to add to my collection. I really need to ease up on the milk glass, because I’m running out of shelf space. 😉 It’s just too pretty to pass up.

That’s it for me…what are you hunting for at the thrift store?

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  1. Shaunee says

    That phone is awesome! We totally had one of those. That is a classic!
    I am searching the thrift store for my Halloween costume 😉

  2. Suxie says

    I can’t tell you everything I hunt for daily, (yes. Daily) too embarrassing! I will admit I am a little obsessed with making stands of all sizes and styles. Cake stands, fruit stands, bowl stands, mini stands, well. You get the idea. Love your finds!

    • says

      Daily?! not embarrassing, I think we both might need counseling one day soon, though. 😉

      I have yet to make any cake stands, but I bet you’ve made some fun ones!

  3. says

    My family had a rotary phone FOREVER. (That needs to be said like the kid in The Sandlot, to really give the right effect.) I remember having friends over who didn’t even know how to dial it. Eventually, my extremely thrifty parents upgraded to the kind of phone that looked just like the one above, but actually had buttons. That was about the time when my friends families…and my grandpa….went digital. I think my parents inherited their current digital phone when my grandpa died ten years ago. I’m going to have to find out if my parents have saved their old rotary phone, anywhere. (Considering my Mom has saved every Friend Magazine since 1962, it’s a pretty safe bet they have one.) Who knew it would ever be so cool to have one?

  4. says

    I grew up w/this phone too & we had one on the wall too! AND we remembered the phone numbers of all our friends. I don’t know any numbers these days! It’s too easy to find your contact & press it!

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