a butterfly birthday party

We had a birthday party at our house over the weekend, a butterfly birthday party. !! It turned out to be a lot of fun. I was worried how we would fill those two hours, but a little Justin Bieber dance party and fresh cotton candy made the time speed by.

Not sure how we landed on butterflies in January, but it got us all excited for Spring. I’m a big fan of orange and hot pink together…love that color combo. Avery helped me stamp the invitations and then she hand delivered them.

The party table was pretty simple, we served sugar with a side of sugar. 😉 But seriously we did. Awww…I’m sure all the moms will thank me later. 😉 We had cupcakes, cotton candy, a little candy bar for the party favors and Tiffany’s ultimate party punch.

My little fake cake came in handy once again. I’m a big fan of “the fake cake”. I have used this cake for Christmas, Easter, and now for this party. It’s basically styrofoam cake forms covered in fondant that my SIL Nicole helped me with. I just decorate it with paper and ribbon.

For the candy bar, I just bought candy that went with the colors, pink and orange. I’m a big fan of the bulk candy sections at my local grocery stores: Macey’s and Winco, you can get the amount you need without spending more than you have to.

big gumballs: orange, pink and white
sour grapefruit slices

big gummy butterflies
candy necklaces
pink Hershey kisses (valentine’s edition)
pixie sticks

To tie all the glass containers together, I added a little hot pink ribbon and a butterfly. I love how they looked all grouped together like that.

For the cupcakes, we just added a butterfly cupcake toppers to simple white cake and white frosting cupcakes.

For Christmas Avery got a cotton candy maker from her Grandma, so we HAD to get it out for the party. !! :) We had a dance off party while I made cotton candy. This kept the girls busy while I made it. The best dancers got the first cotton candy.

Can you imagine having a cotton candy maker at home as a kid when you were a little?! Seriously…I would have been in heaven. Kids these days…they just don’t know how lucky they are. :)

Check out their moves! :)

We ran out of time to make butterfly wands, but here is the one I had ready to go as an example for the girls.

Here’s the little party favor thank yous:

The party was a big success. Probably the highlight for me was right before the party started, Avery said, “I just want to make sure I give all my guests a warm welcome” (made me laugh). She is so cute. So far I’m loving this age she’s at.

*Lifestyle Crafts will be releasing a few of the shapes in the next week or so for CHA that I used here. So if you are into Lifestyle Crafts products, consider this a sneak peek of the new release. When they are available, you can use the code NOBIGGIE at checkout to get %20 off your purchase.

-Nesting Butterflies #DC0284 (seen here on the butterfly wands, candy bar, cupcake toppers and fake cake)
-Pop-up Box #DC0242 (seen here on the party favor thank you boxes)
-Pennants punch die #DC0263 (seen on the fake cake)

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  1. says

    DARLING party Kami! I wish you lived by me and I would hire you to plan Ellie’s!! Everything looks perfect and I’m sure Avery loved her special day. The cotton candy machine is too much fun!

  2. Becky says

    you are amazing! That is a fantastic party and Ave’s face shows it! my favorite pic is her little hip way out there in a great booty shake!

  3. Shaunee says

    So dang cute! I love the colors and the butterflies… makes me have spring fever! Sounds like it was an awesome party :)

  4. Maureen says

    This fake cake thing; do you reuse the cake or does the fondant dry out and it must be replaced? I wish my daughter had been born later to have parties like I see on the web these days. Oh well, Heavenly Father knows best even if I don’t. It looks like it was a great party and you put a lot of thought and effort into it. You are amazing!


    • says

      Hi Maureen!

      Thank you! :)

      No, the fondant doesn’t really dry out, it just stays the same. I guess the only concern would be if it attracted mice or bugs, but it doesn’t.

  5. Melanie says

    What an absolutely adorable party!!! Avery looks like she is having such a wonderful time! You all deserve to have fun and dance after this past year!

  6. says

    Oh my gosh. I can’t believe how much older Avery looks in some of these photos! They grow up so fast…

    Once again, a beautiful party Kami. You have such a talent with all those lovely little paper items!


  7. Brenna says

    Kami, you are amazing!! That’s quite the party. Would you plan and organize my girls parties??? I have three coming up in the next few months:) You’re so creative….love it!

  8. Melanie Stimpson says

    This looks so fun! You amaze me with your talents and the things that you are able to come up with. Time, Energy, and Desire. Is what this is all about :) Miss You Guys

  9. Colleen Bigler says

    You are a miracle worker! The girls look like they indeed had a ‘warm welcome’ and a wonderful time. You’re a great mom!

  10. Amanda says

    You did a really good job with the party. My daughter is turning 1 in March! I’m getting so excited to throw her a party. She wont have a darn clue but still…..

  11. Stephanie says

    I love this butterfly party!! Can you tell me what butterfly die you used? Also, what machine(s) does that die work with? I have a cricut, so not sure if there is something similar?


    • says

      Hi Stephanie 

      Not sure which die you are referring to, I used an old Lifestyle Crafts die (no longer for sale) and the new Nesting butterflies also from LC. I used my cuttlebug to cut them. 

      Good Luck!


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